Saturday, April 4, 2009

simple pleasures

What is your idea of a perfect day?  Lucky for me, mine involves a lot of good food and training :)
This morning after my morning cardio, I had brekkie and cleaned up our bomb of a kitchen. Honestly, when two people have to eat every three hours how is it possible to keep a kitchen clean for more than five minutes! lol, ive had to learn to relax there a little. 

For our next meal we went to Nando's- have you tried their chicken garden salads? geebus, i didn't think I would ever make friends with a salad over burgers etc but I LOVE it! and as we all know, a meal you didn't cook yourself is always going to taste great. Nando's may be a little more expensive than other takeaways, but the quality is great- organic chicken too. 

From there, we went into borders at garden city to have a large long black from the gloria jeans inside the bookstore and read a fitness magazine each, I chose the latest American Oxygen mag (got a subscription to the Aussie one). What a great idea hey? At first I felt a bit cheap reading a mag for free but everyone does it, and I guess its kind of the point, the set up is right next to the mag section. 

Well fed and pretty high on caffeine (those GJ large babies have three expresso shots) we went to our gym, CBJ up the road from the shopping centre and today I trained back, hammies and calves. I have slowly been working on my chins, a while ago I never thought Id be able to do them! I warm up on the assisted machine then do at least two working sets trying to get as many as I can with my own bodyweight- 8 perfect ones today! I like to do them slowly and fully extend my arms at the bottom. very proud :) The kilo i lost since last seeing Jon might have had something to do with this PB, I have been so focussed since our last appt and our next one is this Monday 6th so I'm looking forward to seeing my results for the last 2 weeks.

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a little time off over Easter! xx


Em said...

SOunds like a perfect day was had :)
Hope the rest of your week is just as fantastic :)

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