Monday, April 6, 2009

happy to be on the count down

Ali and I had our appt with Jon and are every day feeling more and more in the groove of our comp prep, 23 weeks out this Saturday so yes, plenttty of time but my head is right where i like it these past few weeks- in the game!

For the first time in my coaching history, i got permission to eat more food this time around rather than it being cut back! hehe, i will enjoy that while it lasts!  Sigh, I remember how I used to assume i had a poor metabolism for so long when I struggled with my weight, little did I know there were things you can do about it!

Training is going well, I am enjoying my new split and am starting to see lines in my delts which is exciting. I am hoping as I go along and get lighter that I do not lose too much strength but i know that some days I am just stronger than others.. definately don't make gains in a linear fashion. Some days I feel it and can push the heavy weights for those working sets, other days I try, but if the strength is just not there I turn up the intensity differently, but taking a lighter weight and usually doing a couple of drop sets.  As Ive mentioned a few times before, I don't have an overly structured way of training but I think there's more than one way to skin a cat as long as you're consistently pushing yourself.

Ali and I have been joking with others in the gym about the fact that we're going to be dieting at the same time but overall, i think its going to be great, at the toughest of times we will at least know exactly how the other person feels and hopefully be able to be more sensitive to that.. I have only met two other couples so far I think where both partners compete and neither couple did so at the same time.. so we'll see!



Jadey said...

Steph you are looking awesome babe, can't wait to watch you on comp day! You will look hot!!

Jadey x

ss2306 said...

Lookin' good girlfriend!

Charlotte Orr said...

Great pic Stef - your waist is tiny! Glad to hear you sounding so positive!

Raechelle said...

wow-looking good and still so far out! Good for you!

Frankie said...

Looking great Steph! I think you both dieting down at same time will work well. You'll both be moody and crappy at the same time and not having to go through it twice!

Stephanie Davis said...

Thanks heaps for all your lovely comments girls :)

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