Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Turns out you CAN make friends with salad!

I never never never thought that I would happily eat salad for lunch every day. Having grown up taking a sandwich to school/uni every single day, I never thought I would be full/satisfied at lunchtime without the bread wrapped around it!

Now that my carbs are more limited I have found out that what it is that really keeps you full and give meals flavour is of course the protein and good fat components of the meal. On their own, carbs are actually quite boring (except oats of course, they are just little miracles).

Every work day I find the biggest plate in the kitchen and prep a fresh salad mountain with as much colour and variety as I can- I own a whole drawer to myself in the kitchen's fridge :)
The picture above is the big bowl I use at home on weekends, I feel like I'm eating out of a bucket but its great, I chuck all the ingredients in and give it a good mix with some lemon juice.

The options are endless!

For protein I like:

fish- orange roughy or flake are my favourites

SALMON is to die for

chicken or

kangaroo mince

Good fats:


Nuts- almonds/walnuts

Olive oil

sundried tomatoes


lettuce, spinach etc

beans, sugar snap peas, snow peas

sprouts eg alfalfa, garlic, onion and bean sprouts

lightly steamed broccoli




grated fresh beetroot

diced/grated carrot

red capsicum

Even though I'll probably eat it year round, summer is the perfect time for salads, to try new flavours and combinations. Remember our mantra- GREEN IS LEAN!!


ss2306 said...


You're obviously a Simpson's watcher with your post title? My husband and I sing "you don't make friends with salad" all the time jokingly.

Just missed out one important ingredient - cheese - good for growing bones you know.

Stephanie Davis said...

Hey Shelley, oh yes I am a mad simpsons fan (really, you have no idea)hehe- so I think other classic lines may creep in here and there! :)

I also forgot to talk about salad dressings.. probably because I only use lemon or lime juice! But yes, if you want to make a salad even tastier then cheese and dress it up!

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