Saturday, December 6, 2008

RPM class from hell... j/k

An integral part in any major goal or lifestyle overhaul is that you have SUPPORT. 
First of all, I would like to mention my partner Ali who introduced me to (serious) weight training. Without him, I would probably still be doing BodyPump classes and killing myself with cardio. Together, we are live a very healthy lifestyle and are pursuing competitive physiques in Figure and Bodybuilding. It sure makes this easier when you have a partner that understands WHY you need to stop and find a public bathroom so often and that doesn't crowd the fridge with junk when you are trying to cram in 8kg of broccoli... 

The other major source of support I have found this year is over at Lindy Olsen's forum and other ladies who blog. Honestly, without the advice, support and encouragement of these women I think I would have either given up my pursuit to compete in figure or gotten distracted by something shiny and lost interest along the way.

I had the pleasure this morning of participating in Liz's RPM class, my very first time! I caught up with Shelley, Nicole and Doris and AND got to meet Fern (Miss Tank), Carolyn and Lisa (all in picture above) for the very first time- all fantastic women who worked very hard this morning and lost litres of extra sweat due to a lack of air conditioning! After the class we all got a chance to chat and it was just so nice being amongst people with the same passion for health and fitness as I. Fern was up visiting from Sydney and it was her idea that we all get together- we should definately make the most of every opportunity! I cannot emphasise enough how lucky and grateful I feel to have been accepted into this wonderful group of ladies from Lindy Olsen's forum and 'blogland' who have been supporting me all the way in my journey to become a figure athlete. Love you all! xx


LizN said...

Hey Steph, it was great to see you yesterday - I did not realize it was your first ever RPM class - you sure had a baptism of fire.

Liz N

ss2306 said...

Know exactly what you mean Steph. The support and friendships I have made have really helped me along my path. In fact, these people are now my best friends. It's great that we all share common interests and goals. Coming next Saturday?

stephmd said...

It sure was Liz- that's why I was so afraid! lol, but I would do it again, you were a great instructor :)

You guys keep me going Shelley, bring on 2009 I say!! And yes, please book another two places at dinner, looking forward to it!

ss2306 said...

Hey Steph

Saturday night we're doing the chicks only thing. Hope this is ok?

RaeC said...

And we love you too babe!! xxx

For incredible info, advice and support- get involved!