Sunday, December 28, 2008

Need some motivation?

Taking 'before pictures' is never fun at the time but aren't you always kinda glad you did? Going back over them is a great source of motivation for me.

There is about 10kg and well over 31mm of fat between these two pics, the left is pretty much the height of my yo yo dieting and the right is my favourite progress pic to date. I like to remind myself why I am eating clean, where I have come from and how much further I'd like to go.

So if you are planning a big overhaul of your diet/exercise for 2009 I would encourage you to take some progress shots! Its a little embarrassing sharing them but you'll be glad you did, and sometimes it feels good to show off your hard work! :)

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day were great- three days spent with family without a care in the world. I really enjoyed the fresh meats (chicken, ham, turkey pork and prawns) desserts (trifle, cheesecake) and even a couple of drinks guilt free but am so ready to eat clean again! Ali and I are taking this week off the gym so Im straight back into sticking to my meal plan strictly. My meals did taste just a little bland at first but my taste for clean food came back quickly and my tummy is thanking me for it too- just waiting for the abs to reemerge now, lol!

As I've mentioned before, I really work hard with my food prep to make sure I enjoy my meals- much easier to stick to the plan that way and having more time on the holidays makes this so much easier. Im really enjoying having yoghurt/fruit back on the plan now especially, on these hot afternoons! I like to freeze my natural yoghurt mixed with protein powder and fruit and serve with some low joule jelly. The combo in the pic is chocolate protein powder with blueberries and some low joule choc topping but my favourite so far is vanilla protein with raspberries (more like icecream).

Meanwhile, its so weird not to have to go to work or the gym! After a fairly lazy first week off, we 'de-Christmased' the house and gave it a good clean. Now I've run out of things to clean and its time for a good sit... haha. We are still working out how to spend New Years Eve- what are you guys up to?


ss2306 said...

Glad you had a great Chrissy Steph. Doesn't getting back to clean eating feel so good after indulging! I can't imagine taking a whole week off the gym I'm so bored already being on holidays, training is the only thing keeping me sane.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Steph, I love progress pics too!Your frozen yoghurt sounds nice!

Raechelle said...

Great progress Steph! And yes-your frozen treats sound super yum!

Splice said...

It's great to have a rest from training, it will do you good ;-)

We haven't got any ideas as to what to do for New years eve yet either.

Debs xx

Stephanie Davis said...

Hi Shelley, i definately do crave clean eats after a bit of indulgence, bring on the chicken and fish!
Charlotte and Raechelle, I shouldn't have taken credit for the frozen treat, JD put us onto it so its actually part of my meal plan!
I have definately enjoyed the break Deb, but itching to get back to training tmrw!
Happy New Year girls! :)

Frankie said...

Hey there Steph. Thanks for the wishes. Yes I think I will have to get some flyscreen and make some temporary screens for my place. I'm renting so it's hard as owner won't put another cent into the place.

I agree with you on the food. I really need to find some recipes that I like and QUICK. Kids are away so I will experiment and just find some things that are yummy and easy to prepare or I am always at risk of going off the rails!

Great photos!


Have a great new year!


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