Monday, December 8, 2008

More of the story so far

Things you need to succeed:
#1 Support (see last post)
#2 Advice from someone who knows their stuff....
I have always played one sport or another and stayed fairly active growing up but had never really managed to shed my 'puppy fat'. I was comfortable enough in my own skin but did struggle during various periods when I finished school in attempts to lose weight, only to regain it and a little bit more. I had been going to the gym since 2001 but never really looked as though I did if you know what I mean. I have been training with proper form/heavy weights etc and*consistently* (key) for about two years now but still struggled to bring my eating into line with my enjoyment of training. With a goal to compete, I knew that this needed a massive overhaul. It wasn't until Ali and I enlisted the help of Jon Davie (JD) in June this year that I learnt just how important clean eating is the overall regime (you seriously cannot out train a bad diet) and importantly, I learnt that you DO NOT and should not have to starve yourself or even count calories to lose weight (fat).

JD put together a meal plan for me based on healthful foods that I was already eating and enjoying and timed my intake of certain macronutrients so that I could maximise my metabolism and fat burning potential whilst maintaining muscle mass. With regards to meal plans, I think it is extremely important to seek the advice of someone who you trust and has a proven track record. Since June, I have been able to ignore all conflicting information I receive about nutrition because I know with confidence that if I adhere to my plan I will achieve the desired results- its a confidence that is invaluable.
Since June, as shown in the pictures above, I have lost 31mm of body fat and about 5.5kg on the scales. It is my goal to reduce my bodyfat by about another 8mm before I try to maintain for a while and gain some more lean muscle mass. There will be a big last chance effort required there before beginning comp prep diet in May 2009 because honestly, who wants to diet for 20 weeks to show off a nice set of bones?


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Steph, you have some nice shoulder caps starting to happen. go girl!

Jehanne said...

Hi ya and welcome! Looking forward to following you in your journey! I am competeing in my first comp in 2009 too - its so exciting huh!!!

Magda said...

Hi Steph and welcome to blogworld. I'm loving your story already and look forward to reading more

:-) Magda

Tara said...

Steph, I had no idea what was lurking under those clothes of yours!! wow wee you are going to look sensational when u step on stage next year!! I can't wait to see it.

Tara xx

Nicole P said...

Welcome to blogland Steph - good to see you here :) Look forward to following your journey to the stage. Are you coming to dinner on Saturday night? Nicole xx

stephmd said...

Thanks for the welcome and the comments gals!!

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