Monday, January 4, 2010

Me too!

Can I join in on the year of the sexy bitch? 

I said losing weight wouldn't be one of my new years goals but gosh darnit I had a little bit too much fun so far on my holidays and have gained an impressive amount of weight in a very short time!! ... oops! I think the silliest thing you can do when you know you are being a bit footloose and fancy free with your diet is not weigh yourself... was in a small state of denial and ignoring the inevitable.

The penny really dropped when we went camping at Noosa the last couple of days - I no longer felt at ease with the weight on my stomach when wearing a bikini rather than a tank. This is something I've struggled with since I was very young, I store fat on my tummy so its one of the main areas I judge my progress on.

So after this morning's little shock I will return to weighing myself once a week at the same time. In previous years I would be upset and annoyed with myself. But Ive learnt just how unhelpful that is! So I'm putting into practice what I have learnt and bringing in the reins on all the treats that were increasing in frequency and portions- the meals out, bread, sugary condiments, dairy etc.

The year of the sexy bitch is about working on my confidence. I'm not a failure if I gain weight. Maintaining is something I'm new to and need to practice because its so easy to fall back into habits such as eating out of boredom etc Chelle is one of the most confident gals I know, which is something I really admire - she's going to keep an eye on my progress over the next few weeks.

We are all already sexy bitches. In 2010 we're going to flaunt it!


Shar said...

I love monitoring my weight steph.

Although can be unhealthy both physically and mentally if you let the numbers control you, send you into depression etc which I used to do.
If you can understand your body, the way it reacts to things and take the scales as a guide, not gospel, then I think, well for me personally they assist me, (even through my pregnancy).
Have a fab year as a sexy bitch, looking forward to reading.
Shar x

Chelle said...

Operation fitness model here we come girl!

Shaboom said...

Hi Steph,

Love the pic you posted. Yep - balance and maintenance is a work in progress for me also. Won't take you much to get back to where you want to be... there will certainly be plenty of sexy chicks running around this year. lol

Shannon :)

Anonymous said...

Ah Steph - we can do ANYTHING we put our minds too - you will be fine! Anyone that knows me knows i HATE the scales as I'm a tank, BUT as Shar says - don't let them send ya mental - you are gorgeous x

Lauren said...

All aboard the Sexy Bitch Train!! You will do well Steph. You already know that you have the will and determination to succeed. Having Chelle as a mentor will be great for both of you and add a bit of fun to your mission.

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