Friday, November 6, 2009

Get out of my way!!!

Trying to get out of my own way really- yes, I'm talking to myself in the title! Thanks Jehanne for giving me a lil push to blog :)

I have been very up and down in terms of mood, which I'm really over! I'm sure its the hormone issues at play - wish I could just feel ... calm and on the level but I'm usually either pumped and full of positive energy or down in the grumpy dumps!

I still find it difficult to relax too, but am getting better. I've discussed 'anxiety' with a few people lately and its shockingly common these days, many people seem to struggle with it to some degree. You know that overwhelmed feeling? hate it. Sometimes your own head can be a scary place to be. Got it every now and then during comp prep which was to be expected I guess but its still popping up now. A good measure for me is whether or not my food prep and housework is getting done without me going totally nuts about it, lol!

So the goal of de-stressing continues! Especially not to stress or worry about things that are out of our control. During prep I worried far too much about what others thought about me and how what I was doing affected other people. There was nothing I could do about that and really, what others think of you is none of your business (unless they want to let you know). The advice I would give to others is:

Do NOT be apologetic or let anyone make you feel guilty for your decision to compete or live a healthier lifestyle. Be open, honest and polite about it but assert your right to choose what you put in your mouth and how you spend your time.

One qualification to that is please don't complain though either! You can't say your decision to compete is not affecting anyone else if you pick on them for their 'normal' eating habits/won't let them eat in front of you etc etc.

I was pretty happy with my focus during comp prep though while the daily monotony of routine and crazy business stressed me out at times I never worried about whether or not I'd actually get there. I never saw cheating or bailing as options. I know some people feel safer with an exit strategy but I think it just makes the daily motivation more difficult. It also makes it dangerous for excuses to emerge post comp about why you weren't in the best condition possible.

Do the work and everything else will take care of itself.

So although I'm not competing again in the near future, I feel I have learnt a lot that I could put to use next time and have identified lots of things to work on in the meantime.

Came across a great quote from Ronnie Coleman about competing that I thought I'd share, it was in a 2002 Flex mag i was reading on our treadmill this morning so at this point he had won Mr Olympia 4 times:

"Work hard, improve, stay calm and keep quiet. There's no reason to go around complaining and worrying about where you place. You've got to train as hard as you can and leave all that other stuff up to a higher power. Put in the work and everything will come out alright.

Look at me. I'm the best example of that!"


Jehanne said...

yay - your back! missed you!
Do something beautiful for yourself - day spa, facial, massage... xx

Lauren said...

Ronnie seems like a very humble man....with a super amazing physique! I noticed that you trained with Jon Davie. I have just started with him and really looking forward to the journey ahead. How did you find your time with him? Are you still coached by him?

Ali - MesoCorp said...

Ahhh Ronnie... Is there anything that man can't do?.. Here's to becomming more stress free! And anyone who doesn't like it can go get fucked :) haha
Nice post hot pants xox

Lauren said...

Hi Steph & Ali, thanks for the comment on my blog about Jon. I am so interested in doing this 'right'. When I sat down and talked with Jon I told him that I want someone who is going to tell me exactly what to do and when to do it. I thrive on structure and routine (a good and a bad thing LOL!)and I just want him to tell me what to do and I WILL do it. I was referred to Jon by the guys at ASN and yes I have heard he is the best!! I feel so lucky to be working with him. I have taken your advice Ali - and sent through a couple of 'little' question e-mails. I thought at first I may have been bothering him, but a girl has got to know what she is doing! Have read through some of your old posts (comp lead up and stuff) very informative with that REAL and personal side to it. Very helpful! Have a good one, and thanks again for your kind words guys!

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