Friday, November 20, 2009

Working with food rather than against it

For my own benefit really, I want to recap some ideas because I tend to write as I think and therefore am not as concise as I would like to be!

(I know how to diet when i need to)

1. I love food- who doesn't? I love fresh healthy unprocessed foods and the way they make me feel. I also love the taste of a lot of processed, high fat/high sugar foods. I love to cook, watch cooking shows, read and talk about food. I am a foodie!
2. I am also an athlete who loves to train.
3. My food choices are consistent with my current goals, therefore:
a) I make wise choices about how much and how often I eat high sugar/high fat foods.
b) If I want to lose fat or am preparing for a comp, I am comfortable with ‘being on a diet’ for that purpose and only eat what is on my plan. Not to fear, the plan is usually pretty flexible and generous to begin with anyway! Key points re dieting = never hungry, never deprived.
4. I am liking the approach of balancing my intake between “functional fuel and purely for taste”. Patent pending! I aim high for functional eating – 80-90%?
5. I probably wouldn’t touch the term ‘intuitive eating’ because my intuition might lure me into a sugar coma. My 90% goal would suffer.
6. Not only that but my portion sizes would be immense! Too much fuel can make you fat too you know :S
7. Learning to cook and making “functional fuel” (aka healthy food) taste great is worth it, given I'm eating it most of the time.
8. Lovely fresh ingredients don’t need that much help anyway- hello garlic! During prep I didn’t eat one thing I didn’t enjoy the taste of.

I also want to convey that although my posts tend to come across as advice (lectures?) I’m really just reflecting on my own thoughts/what is or isn’t working for me etc. I like to think that there’s people reading who might be able to relate or benefit from some of my ideas.


Rebecca said...

A well written post Steph!!! I am constantly reading your posts for extra guidance and appreciate the advice you are giving to your readers. If people don't want to follow it or take it on board, they don't have to. You can write whatever you like :)

Reading you journey has really inspired me. Thankyou.

xox Rebecca

LizN said...

Hi Steph,

I hope you don't mind, but I used your examples here in my blog to show that I think you may be a bit more intuitive now than you may think.
Hope this is OK,
Liz N

Style Seduction said...

I think its a great post, alot of people have trouble finding the food balance so its good to hear what happens in other peoples daily diet lives!

Lauren said...

Hi Steph, thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. It feels so good to know that there are others out there who have been through everything already (even if they are in cyber world). And knowing that you trained with Jon, and did so well, gives me confidence and drive to keep going. I had a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde day today. I am feeling a little fatigued (haven't had a full rest day for 15 days so far) and my metabolism must have kicked it up a gear as I am know getting hungry before my next meals are due. And when I am hungry is my weakest and most vulnerable time. Have survived it so far, and I see Jon on Tuesday anyway, so will talk to him about it. Good news is I have had some massive gains in the weights room though. Hope your mass building is going well. Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post Steph! I tend to talk about things on my blog that i'm really speaking to myself about also :) Like the need to weigh yourself. You might not need to but I NEED too...just an example ;) I also NEED to quit eating so my peanut butter LOL!

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