Friday, June 4, 2010

Hot and cold

As usual I'm talking about food :) Chefs go on about the texture of food being really important well, I’ve decided that next to taste, temperature is very important to me!

I like my food and tea/coffee piping hot. Its become a real problem, I’ll serve up my meat and veggies on my plate straight from the pan but then give it a minute in the microwave before I eat it. I eat fairly slowly too and have been known to get up halfway through and nuke it again….

I really like hot and cold combinations. For example when I eat salad, I like to not only heat up my chicken before I put it on top but I also have some hot beans and red onion (stirfried in garlic and soy sauce) in the mix. Beautiful with avocado as well!

It works the other way too. When I have a hot bowl of meat and veggies and/or potato, I like to mix through some iceburg lettuce. When you mix it through the hot food it wilts but stays crunchy, its amazing! Apparently stir frying lettuce is a very popular in Asian dishes.

I would have to say my all time favourite desserts would involve the hot and cold combination as well – think apple crumble with custard or sticky date pudding with icecream….


Anonymous said...

Steph, I think you should quit your day job and do a Matt Preston, think you'd be an excellent food critic


Magda said...

I'm reading your post Steph and having a quiet giggle. I too like my tea / coffee HOT. A little while ago I met a couple of friends for breakfast at a very swish top notch cafe in Adelaide. I ordered my usual cappuccino and it was served lukewarm. It was disgusting and when I mentioned it (politely) to the waitress I was told thats how they served their coffees "the Italian way". What bullshit. For me its either hot or NO WAY. I havent been back there since. (Not sure about lettuce stir fried through asian food though :-) )

Anonymous said...


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